Getting out of our warm comfy beds can be tough now that winter is here. When its cold and dark outside it is only natural to want to stay under the duvet for longer. This is bliss when we have a day off but hard when we have to go to work... 
Here are some simple tips to try, to get your working mornings started in a positive way. 
Shut down all digital devices at least one hour before bedtime. This allows the mind to slow down naturally. 
Aim to stick to a regular time to go to bed. Your body likes a regular routine. 
Leave your phone etc outside of the bedroom, removing temptation to browse etc. 
Try the Lumie wake-up lights. The gradual brightening light gently rouses you from sleep, so you can feel naturally awake, more energised and ready for the day ahead. 
As soon as you awaken visualise your goals making them vivid in your mind. In the NLP world these are known as 'The Power States'. These first few seconds of waking and last before sleeping, are very powerful. Positive mindset changes can be achieved during this time – use wisely. 
Drink a glass of hot water and lemon to start your day before you go to caffeine. This will hydrate and alkalise the body. 
Take a couple of minutes before you start your day to stretch the body in a gentle way or ... 
Try an early morning gym class. This can take a little getting used to but can be so exhilarating.  
Organise your outfit and have ready the night before. 
Throw open your bedroom windows and breath in some clean fresh air. 
Organise your breakfast the night before if necessary, to give you time to eat without rushing. 
If you commute, this is a perfect time to listen to apps like Calm or Headspace. Also, reading a few chapters of a positive book can help start your day in a positive and balanced way. 
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