The core techniques of NLP (Neuro, Linguistic, Programming) can act as a powerful key to self transformation. You may have heard of NLP and have wondered what it's all about or maybe even dismissed it as "another one of those self help things" 
NLP was created in the 1970's and links neurological processes with language and behavioural patterns which, put simply, means that behaviours can be changed to create different outcomes. Many see NLP as the world's greatest behavioural change tool as it can create lasting results as well as rapid change. 
NLP can enhance self development and enables us to make positive changes in our lives as it allows us to take control of our thoughts and feelings rather than the other way around. NLP Breakthrough sessions are particularly powerful when it comes to breaking free from self limiting thoughts and beliefs. 
Here at Wellness with Debs I use NLP along with other techniques to enable you to lose old, self limiting habits and simply be your best you but it's not a one size fits all approach. We are all individuals with our own problems and my aim is to help YOU. 
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