"Before I met Debs, I thought about cutting down my drinking frequently. I had lots of rules including no drinking during the week, water between every wine and no opening wine until 8pm. If I had a work event, I spent ages thinking about the number of drinks I could have and at what time. It was exhausting but as a busy working mum of teenagers, my wine was my treat and no one was taking it away from me. I always broke my rules and when I felt rotten, I made myself feel worse by beating myself up for not being able to drink normally. 
If you had said to me 9 months ago that I would stop drinking for longer than I have ever done since I was 16, I would not believe you (I had 2 glasses of wine a week during both if my pregnancies). If you told me that I would be happier than I have ever been without alcohol, I would have thought you were crazy. Don’t me wrong, its not all easy as I still get an urge for a glass of rose in the sun (which would turn into a bottle). Its also being hard getting to know myself and experience a lot of sober firsts like dancing which you think everyone is watching but actually people notice less if you are not almost falling over drunk when trying to dance! 
The problem is that I had always thought what I would lose not drinking and not what I would gain. I’ve always been the loud, party girl surrounded by family and friends and I was worried about losing myself. Debs help me to reframe everything and last week I went out 3 times with work (1 evening was just a drink and the beauty of not drinking is that it was only 1!), went to Abba Voyage and a 50th karaoke party as well as yoga and helping teenage daughter through angst, showing a technophobe father in law how to use his phone in addition to holding down a job. I sung my heart out, danced away and took lots of photos at the party which were really appreciated. I also some really nice conversations at the work events no longer distracted by drinking or measuring how I am drinking compared to everyone else. I am a better wife, friend and definitely a better mum. 
I managed to get Taylor Swift tickets today and it is going to be different from her 2018 concert when I enjoyed the hospitality package too much and can’t remember much of it. 
My only regret is that I did not do it sooner and I wish I met Debs years ago. I now embrace every experience and seize each day as I no longer need to factor in hangover time. I also have much more money and recently treated myself to a lovely necklace as I deserve it. Drinking makes the good times go too quickly and the more routine work days go too slowly with a hangover. Holidays now last a decent amount of time and I am definitely not going back to my old ways. There were fun times but the first happy hour of drinking is not worth the next 6,12 or even 24 hours." 
Michelle B, mum to a 14 year old and 13 year old in West London 
I'm 54 and I've struggled with binge drinking for a few years now. It began quite innocently ; a few glasses of wine after work until I felt it was beginning to spirall out of control. I'm quite healthy in other areas of my life, so obviously this began to worry me. 
I'd tried other avenues for help ( Annie Grace, AA, Club Soda, Soberistas), all with varying degrees of success. 
I contacted Debs after reading about hypnotherapy and wondered if it would work for me. From our initial telephone conversation I felt at ease with Debs ; she made me feel relaxed and positive. The session itself was wonderfully calming and I received a personalised recording very soon after. A very professional approach. 
Today, I am a lot happier. I'm still working on myself but I feel positive and in control. If I experienced a bad day, Debs was adamant that I was not to 'beat myself up' and to just keep trying. And this was great to hear. 
I highly recommend Debs. The service from beginning to end was friendly and relaxed yet professional, so I felt really safe. 
Thanks, Debs. 
Louise Varsiana 
I can’t recommend Deb enough. She has helped me through one of the most difficult years and her attention to detail and mastery in her field is exceptional. She has a true compassion and an ability to direct energy and positive mindset through her knowledge and experience make her coaching stand out. The recordings she has provided to use in between sessions have been a lifeline and the NLP techniques are powerful. I will continue to have Deb as means of spiritual and mental growth and support now I have experienced such great results! 
Natalie Godefroy 
Debs is an amazing listener and the service she gives is excellent. I reached out to Debs after what has been a very difficult year I felt I had lost my Mojo and just wanted to feel like my old self. Debs helped me see things differently and to realise I’ve got this...I would highly recommend this service. 
Sara Roberts 
“Debbie is one in a million, a truly inspirational lady who really cares about the services and support she provides. If there are things that aren’t quite right in your world then speak to Debs, you wont regret it”. 
Emma Abigail Watson 
Well what can I say with the help of Debs my life has been transformed...!! She set the intention through hypnotherapy to help me overcome my moody eating which led me to sign up to a 90 day exercise and healthy eating plan which I love without Debs cheering me on and steering me in the right direction I would never have started this..!! My self confidence is growing and Debs totally understands how I tick..!! She has the ability to make you feel amazing and to stop the self doubting behaviour we all tend to have. I would totally recommend Debs to anyone wanting to change their life for the better, anyone suffering with confidence, self doubt or lack of motivation. I love working with Debs and look forward to our sessions together..!! Thank you for everything Debs you have set me on my new journey and for that I will be forever grateful!! 
Melissa Lambert 
Debs has recently helped me with my ‘mindful’ drinking. Knowing she has experienced this herself was a great help. She is really motivational and positive you can’t help but get caught up with it. Debs gives you lots of tips, tools and guidance. I would highly recommend her services - she’s a truly beautiful spirit! 
Stephanie Keech 
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